Fred Baggen (1967)

Concert & Band Photography
I combine my love for music and photography while attending live concerts and shooting band portraitures, making myself either invisible or instructive, depending on the circumstances — allowing the artists to freely perform their art, feel at ease and shine through the photos.

Portrait / Fashion Photography

I like to experiment, don’t want to be pinned down on one particular method. I like the alternative. I don’t like glamorous. I don’t like Instagrammable. (Although I use that platform, but not for displaying typical flashy Insta photos.)

I am a daylight shooter, sometimes combined with softboxes and one spotlight. I don't use ringlights or flash. I don't have a studio.

Before a portrait / fashion shoot starts, a rights & intentions agreement will be signed by the model and returned to the photographer.

Street / Urban & Travel Photography

Travelling allows me to express my observations of the world through images, just like the way I express my observations of the world by writing books: storytelling and styling are what I aim for in my art. I like deliberate / functional unsharpness, and odd compositions — sometimes I turn an image upside down because then it looks much more interesting.

I shoot digitally and also like to carry with me my good old Hasselblad and Leica. I'm mostly self-taught, although I learned technicalities at Photo Art Academy in Hasselt, Belgium.

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All photos © Fred Baggen